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Guest pc123. Jun-2-2012

really nice xD

Guest pc123. Jun-3-2012

Where is the military leadership? This is not a joke! The US is there for serious business. Contact with locals should be dealt with in a serious, sober fashion.

Guest pc123. Jun-4-2012

Have you been in combat? THEN SHUT IT!

Guest pc123. Jun-12-2012

some ass holes need to lightn up war sucks and u never knwo when ur time is up so why not make the best of it before your number gets pulled i know ive done some silly shit in my time

Guest pc123. Jun-13-2012

It seems to me that this kind of crap is what we don't need. Young unsupervised soldiers at a check point. Disrespect to the Afghan people and its culture are not something to play arround with. If there was less BS like this than there could be some end to the fighting. Again, Disrespect to the Afghan's should not be allowed at anytime. Leadership has failed in this situation. And yes i have been in Combat after 25 years in the active Army Infantry. My soldiers showed respect and there for were given respect back.....

Guest pc123. Jun-14-2012

They don't carry their weapons with them anyways, they're mostly stored in caches. i wouldn't be too surprised if one of these guys were talibs on their way to "attack" ISAF forces lol. atleast they're having fun.

Guest pc123. Jun-14-2012

Disrespect should not be shown towards afghan civilians. This is war not highschool these punks need to grow up.

Guest pc123. Jun-14-2012

Wouldnt be so funny if one of those guys pulled a concealed firearm on them

Guest pc123. Jun-14-2012

It may not have been the appropriate time or place, but its good to know that they're having some fun.

Guest pc123. Jun-14-2012

Fuck it, they are having fun, there was no disrespect...working with the ANA do you have any idea how many "dances" i had to be part of...the locals would see that as NATO or US troops having fun...that search is far lighter then normal...the ANA are worse..ANP.. forget it.

Thats a sipit of one song. I highly doubt they pulled that stuff the whole all you hard vets need to lighten up. And yeah I was there myself

Guest pc123. Jun-14-2012

How in the Hell would that be Funny?

Guest pc123. Jun-14-2012

I think that war it's not a game but these guys who fight with their lifes for the common good must have fun too! You dont know how they feel, you dont know what they see, you dont know if they want to be there, they are away from their families .... so please shut it and enjoy this video :)!

Guest pc123. Jun-14-2012

This is one of the best clips ive seen bloody beautiful made me piss me self laughing.
Good to see a soilder and his mates let off some steam and let down for a bit, there doing the most dangerose job in the world there at war and they need to be able to take the edge off or they would crack having to do what they have to do day after day.
Good on i say and the dude can dance yeh lol
Rock on to the troops who serve or have served YOU GUYS ROCK GO ISAF.
AUSSIE DIGGERS TOTTALY ROCK all Australia loves ya one and all your all bloody beautifull thanks for your service and your sacrafices.

sidewinderxxx pc123. Jul-22-2012

that`s some funny shit



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