Apache annihilating group of taliban Insurgents in Logaradded Tue May 29 16:56:34 2012 ago by pc123 in: GRAPHIC CONTENT | views: 13

Pretty Graphic

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Guest pc123. May-31-2012

they thought they could hide from an apache? Stupid towel heads

Guest pc123. Jun-9-2012

Awesome video...Thanks

Guest pc123. Jun-9-2012

ohhhhhhh shieeet! apache ftw

Guest pc123. Jun-9-2012

Bye bye cocksuckers.

Guest pc123. Jun-9-2012

1:00 Run Ahmed, RUN!!!

Kevin Carter pc123. Jun-9-2012

I feel sorry for our enemy that has to go against our Apache's. Not like fast movers they can take out an entire force of enemy numbering over 100 without having to make straight line runs.

Guest pc123. Jun-9-2012

Tis enough to bring a smile to an old Marine's face.

Guest pc123. Jun-13-2012

This was one of the best Apache videos I have ever seen. Great job to the crew of that helicopter! Free tickets to paradise courtesy of the red, white, and blue.

Guest pc123. Jul-2-2012

merica fuck yeah

edl sup pc123. Jul-10-2012

will islam win the fight in our own backyard???

Guest pc123. Jul-15-2012

What the fuck you Allah told us to be safe n we now don't trust u that u will give 70 virgins down there

Guest pc123. Aug-2-2012

Yeah, I feel the same way. Taking potshots at U.S. ground forces and getting away seems hard enough; going against Apaches basically guarantees your death...

Guest pc123. Oct-2-2012




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